Success is earned one customer at a time.

adBlocks was born of necessity, a fact that sets us apart from the crowd. It originated in the mind of an incorrigible process engineer who was looking for a way to make life easier for his wife, a Time Warner account executive. Seeing fundamental flaws in her workflow, they worked together to streamline her selling practice. The database software that grew out of that collaboration was so powerful in its systematization of the sales process that, in 1994, they created a company to market the application nationwide. Since then, adBlocks has become the premier developer of workflow automation solutions for the advertising sales industry.

Ours is a success story built from the ground up, one customer at a time. As industry pioneers, we have evolved to meet the needs of our clients. Our adSails software has seen extensive customization as we respond to the interests of a broadening constituency, from managers and corporate decision-makers to traffic, marketing, and IT departments. This collaboration has extended product functionality far beyond that of any of our competitors. It has also built a solid foundation of lasting client relationships.

Gradually, the industry has come to recognize the value of technology in making sales operations more efficient and profitable. Our relentless commitment to seeing clients benefit from our software has kept us at the forefront of that trend. As the industry has evolved, adBlocks' vision has been validated by the wide-spread adoption of our adSails software.

adBlocks is poised for dynamic growth as we extend our reach from cable and internet markets into the larger advertising sales community. Deregulation is accelerating the trends of media convergence and consolidation, and companies increasingly require solutions that simplify market complexities. With our uniquely scientific approach to mastering the variables of advertising sales, adBlocks stands ready to leverage our experience and expertise in helping clients stay on top of an evolving industry.