"I'm kind of a big deal."
- Ron Burgandy

Matt Frizzell

CTO and Lead Developer

Matt Frizzell

Matt is neither a big deal nor is he Spiderman, but in the spirit of adBlocks his bio is as you see it today. One of his great joys is coming to work each day and laughing with good people that work hard on a singular vision to produce the best sales automation tool in the industry. He thinks they do a good job of this too. He also believes that if a person can have fun at work and enjoy being there, the word work can take on a different implication entirely.

Matt came to adBlocks at the turn of the millennium after graduating from Bates College and since then has worked tirelessly to support, train, build, and grow the adSails product. After a decade of unique perspective and singular focus, he currently leads the superb team of programmers that continue to enhance an already excellent solution. The future plans for the product are only limited by imagination, which he proudly reports will never be an issue.

Everyone at adBlocks is responsible for what it is today and that is why the quote makes so many of the folks at adBlocks laugh. We bring you the best that there is, and we do it with smiles on our faces and a genuine love for your business. WE are a big deal.

Spiderman's presence remains a thinly veiled mystery.