"Our success is simply the result of seeking intelligent, rational answers to the industry's needs. The methodology is as powerful as it is simple."
- Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps


From the beginning, Michael has charted adBlocks’ strategic direction. His ability to analyze and bring order to complex systems guides both adBlocks’ software development strategies and its business model. adBlocks grew out of his efforts to help his wife, Annie Kennedy Phelps, streamline her workflow as an account executive.

In a little under a decade, his vision has created a strong, growing company. It is poised for dramatic expansion into the larger advertising sales industry after glowing success in the cable advertising industry.

Michael has extensive experience in computer consulting and the creation of customized software solutions. His years of insight produce database solutions that are as elegant as they are sophisticated.

Michael holds a bachelor’s degree from Rice University and a PhD from UCLA. He got his start in computer programming at graduate school in 1968 analyzing medieval Latin and other ancient texts. Prior to founding adBlocks, Michael taught at the college level for thirteen years.