"Meeting client needs begins with taking care of business at home. Keeping pace with a dynamic industry demands constant evolution."
- Jon Safford

Jon Safford

Jon Safford


As chief executive officer, Jon manages the internal execution of the company’s strategic direction. He oversees the large multi-user initiatives for MSOs, acts as one of the key customer relations contacts, and works with many industry vendors to help integrate adSails with other advertising sales software.

Jon comes to adBlocks from careers in television production and sales for both the broadcast and cable markets. While working for Time Warner Cable, Jon met Annie Kennedy Phelps and realized the true value of her fledgling software while managing one of Maine’s first cable interconnects. He brings over twenty years of industry experience and considerable expertise in technical engineering and network topography. Jon keeps adBlocks ahead of the technology curve by keeping his finger on the pulse of the industry.

Jon graduated from the University of Maine and holds a B.A. in Communication. He lives in Kennebunk, Maine and enjoys life with his wife and two children.

email: jsafford@adblocks.com