analytics benefits

It’s more than safe-guarding your information. It’s making sure your information is worth safe-guarding.

Real-Number Reporting

Unlike other sales automation or CRM tools, adSails analytics are based on real—not reported—numbers. Billing projections, tracking reports, and churn analyses are just the beginning. At the highest level, adSails lets you measure productivity, giving you powerful metrics for directing the growth of your sales operation.

Traditionally, sales vs. budget and “closing ratio” have been standard metrics for analyzing productivity. Those ratios are normally calculated for some period—a month or year—by dividing total closes by total presentations. This method can generate ratios greater than 100% because you’re comparing apples and oranges: the reported closes might be on presentations from some other period. In adSails, we overcome this problem by using a Pipeline approach to sales activity. This gives you true closing ratios because it tells you the percentage of a group of presentations which were actually closed.

Activity Reporting

adSails’ new Pipeline Workflow system allows you to define the sales process in measurable steps. You can set quantitative and qualitative goals for account executives to meet. It provides the basis for real-world reporting, such as counting cold calls, calculating new dollars pitched, and generating weekly activity reports. We can even slice out certain types of productivity such as presentations and closes which resulted from a particular group of cold calls.

Account List Metrics and Automation

Account list management is easy with a searchable, dynamic database. For example, managers can search for accounts that haven’t been called on in the last 90 days (or any other length of time). And adSails lets you establish and enforce account list policies based on the parameters of your choice. adSails can even automate the enforcement of those policies.

Budgets and Sales Planning

Sales Budgets are great for establishing the goals, but how do you help AEs meet and exceed them? AdSails uses past AE performance (such as account churn and closing ratios) to sets mini-goals for the AE. That way they know the average number of cold calls or the average presentation dollars per week required to make their budget. We even allow AEs to enter their personal income wishes and then tell them how set sales in order to obtain such compensation.