Run a tight ship.
No matter where
you're sailing.



What if you could make your job easier? Make more money? Worry less? Have more time? What if you didn’t have to worry about the niggling details and could focus—on the big picture, on making budget, on getting the job done? When you work smarter, you can.

adSails is designed to streamline sales operations. By systematizing the sales process from the ground up, you get maximum performance across the enterprise. Peak performance doesn’t come from red-lining your sales operation—that just leads to burn out. It comes from trimming your sails to harness the power of the marketplace, so that you can move your inventory, galvanize your sales force, and maximize your revenue potential.

Working smarter increases productivity, so you spend less time worrying about what isn't getting done. That's as true for account executives as it is for vice presidents. adSails makes life easier for everyone because it affects the entire organization. It transforms a fragmented, inefficient, error-prone sales operation into a leaner, more profitable venture.

There are many ways of evaluating a product. adSails is a sophisticated application with multiple functionalities for different constituencies. We've arranged features and benefits by user group so that you can see the functionality with the greatest personal relevance.