Flexible options to fit your infrastructure.
And your budget.



adSails integrates your sales and operations team by connecting your sales staff, business department, marketing, traffic department, and management. By sharing information, adSails maximizes AE sales time, streamlines order approval and traffic interface, and gives managers a comprehensive view of sales and customer relationships.

adBlocks provides two deployments of adSails to fit varied network resources and needs, SaaS / ASP and In-House application hosting. Both rely on the same client-server architecture, employing a thin Java client connecting to a SQL backend. The robust deployment configuration is cross platform and database agnostic. Run adSails on Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux utilizing Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle, or any other SQL backend. Sybase iAnywhere is offered at no cost with standard adSails licensing.

Recent changes in the adSails architecture allow existing and prospective clients to realize a significant cost savings. adSails now offers enterprise-class deployment without the need for expensive and high-maintenance application serving solutions, such as Citrix.

If you have further questions about licensing or deployments, please call us at 207-967-2530.